Digitising Software Training Video

Dear Student,

Industrialization has done great wonders in the field of manufacturing , necessity for technology was unavoidable since the rate of production due to demand increased so drastically that manual skilled operation started getting obsolete.
You may remember how in those days ,granny use to knit sweater or make beautiful embroidery on bed sheets, covers, dresses, it use to take weeks probably months to complete one complete set.
Since hand embroidery was time consuming, there came an age of machine embroidery, popularly known as zig – zag machines, though the name machine it still required skilled operators, since it operated on synchronous coordination between the knee, hand & foot.
Today these manual embroidery machines have started to get obsolete and at a rapid pace it has been replaced by computerized embroidery machines.
These machine do not require skilled operators nor knowledge of computers, since it is controlled via user friendly menu's much like in 'mobiles', one uses today. But since the designs fed to the machines are in digital format, one requires a thorough knowledge of special embroidery digitizing CAD packages.
It has become therefore necessary for all fashion designers, apparel designers to get acquainted with this latest technology.
As you know no fashion is complete without embroidery and if today embroidery is created using such advanced techniques then ......as well learn it!



    - Digitizing tools – objects types-colum objects
    - Digitizing tools – object type column with pattern object
    - Digitizing tools – objects types –connection object
    - Digitizing tools – object types –Fill objects
    - Digitizing tools – how to digitize a logo – adjustments to images
    - Digitizing tools – objects –shaping
    - Digitizing tools – objects –transformation
    - Digitizing tools – free hand tools-manual stitches
    - Digitizing tools – how to digitize a logo-filled areas
    - Digitizing tools – how to digitize a logo- filled areas-2
    - Digitizing tools – how to digitize a logo-digitizing outline
    - Digitizing tools – how to digitize a logo-additional improvements
    - Digitizing tools – Main menu-
    - Digitizing tools – main view
    - Digitizing tools – background filters
    - Digitizing tools – users patterns
    - Digitizing tools – users samples
    - Digitizing tools – users borders-1
    - Digitizing tools – users borders -2
    - Digitizing tools – main menu convert
    - Digitizing tools – main menu nodes
    - Digitizing tools – main menu shape
    - Digitizing tools – main menu shape from library
    - Digitizing tools – How to use studio help
    - Digitizing tools – objects combining
    - Digitizing tools – transformation window
    - Integrated lettering system– base node by node editing
    - Integrating lettering system – character transformation
    - Lettering size & transformation


    - History of manual embroidery
    - Introduction to computer embroidery
    - Types of machines available, fashion designer to industrial
    - Using the machine
    - Embroidering A. Logo's B. Motif's C. Other designs
    - Changing colour & assigning needle
    - Threading the needle
    - Setting Upper thread tension
    - Setting Bobbin tension
    - Framing cloth
    - Marking on cloth, using templates before framing
    - Creating a template
    - Embroidering multiple motif's
    - Joining Motif's to create borders
    - Transferring designs from computer to machine
    - Embroidering Logos
    - Embroidering Neck Line – positioning & embroidering
    - Embroidering sleeves , Kurta neck line for gents
    - Embroidering position for complete saree
    - Embroidering on 'T' shirts using special hoops


Student's Receiving Training at our Centre

Centralised Training on LCD Projector for ease of demonstrating commands
Students get hands on practicals through individual machines & Computers
Students engrossed in creating products for the fashion show
Affordable course fees, also includes training to start your own Boutique
Big computer lab's with sitting capacity of 20 students at one time
Thorough Training imparted through trained faculties & instructors
Students engrossed in creating products for the fashion show
Students get hands on practicals through individual machines & Computers